Leadership Letter

Kaye Englin

President & CEO

Jeff Seamans

Chair, Board of Directors

In Iowa, we believe in community. That by working together for good, our communities, large and small, can thrive. We know that through cooperation, collaboration, and strong partnerships everyone can have an equitable opportunity to flourish in this incredible place we call home. 

At no other time in recent memory has our spirit of togetherness been needed more. Our resilient communities and nonprofit partners have shown true strength and grit as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our nation’s long history of racial injustice has become a focal point, with growing voices calling for social change that eliminates deeply rooted systemic inequities. These challenges and opportunities have brought out the best in us and provide us all with a new lens to view how we can make where we live better together. 

The response in our communities to meeting these challenges has been to do more good, share more time, and give more generously. As the Community Foundation celebrated 65 years of enriching our region in 2021, donors gifted more than $14.7 million to our charitable funds. This record-breaking generosity provides the financial and emotional catalyst for our work.  

Because of you, we are committed to dreaming bigger, listening more, and leading boldly for our communities. The best of us is yet to come, and through our shared connection, we can bring positive change to this vibrant place. Together, we are here for good.

Our Mission

To inspire people and connect resources to enrich our communities.

Our Vision

A vibrant region of thriving people.